What better way to relieve stress than with a visit to King Island for a golf trip? This is the kind of holiday which will keep your mind engaged in something you enjoy and play two of the best courses in Australia in one of the most tranquil settings.

Tour the Greens put together holiday packages which are customised just for you. To get the most out of your holiday, rely on an organisation which excels in golf tours and has a variety of King Island golf packages. We’ll keep your specific preferences, schedule and interests in mind.

What Makes Our King Island Golf Tours Special?

Tour the Greens is keen to provide you with a unique experience on King Island. Not only do we have several options for the duration of your holiday, including private or commercial plane options, we also have two of the best courses in the country.

On King Island, there are two courses to choose from: Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes. Cape Wickham is rated the number 3 golf course in Australia, while Ocean Dunes is one of the top 10 courses in Australia. When you see the beautiful greens and the ocean just beyond the hills, you’ll completely understand why. The layout and design of the course make it an absolute pleasure to play.

Ocean Dunes is a more recent addition, only opening in September 2016. Nevertheless, it is another beautiful addition to an island that’s already paradise for golfers. When you stay on King Island, you’ll be able to stay at Island Breeze or Boomerang by the Sea, two high quality hotels that will make you feel right at home. Alternatively, there is accommodation at Cape Wickham to host you as close to the green as possible.

We strongly recommend playing a set at both courses. Customise your holiday with us – we offer packages ranging from two to six days, but we’re also happy to make it happen exactly as you’d like. We get great satisfaction in building the perfect golf trip packages.

Tour the Greens Has the Professional Perspective on Golf Tours

We’re proud to offer you the best quality golf package that we can, and we do so under the direction of Paul Gow. His experience includes nine years on the secondary tour in the USA and five years on the PGA Tour. The insights that he gained from the firsthand experience of the various courses that he played on have enabled him to put together some of the best golf tours and packages out there. Contact us today and to start planning your golf trip now.